Posted by: santiamtocoast | March 29, 2011

My new project

My new project is an online magazine and blog called The Foodshift Journal, a re-envisioning of my “Shoestring Locavore” blog.

From my mission statement: “The Foodshift Journal selectively aggregates local food news from throughout the online space for easy reading of relevant, useful information for the conscious consumer and mindful eater.”

Please check us out if you are interested in local food systems and be sure to follow us on Facebook if you like what you see!



  1. Good luck with your blog. Be sure to check out our new blog as well, with farm life stories of goat kidding, goat care, cheesemaking information and recipes using our cheese.

  2. Thanks for starting up a new blog….I always enjoyed your last one. Do drop by sometime…call me to set up an appointment when you will be in town. I used to have Rolling Hills Bakery and now I manufacture SortaSausage – a vegan meat alternative. I would love to give you some samples.

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