Posted by: santiamtocoast | October 2, 2010

Marco Polo Global Restaurant – Salem, Oregon

I checked this restaurant out with my parents before I went on vacation, so this review is a bit overdue! I am catching up on a few posts.

I’ve hesitated to try this place only because of the sheer vastness of their menu — they feature a few different cuisines, three menus and tons of choices! I thought, they can only do a few things well with such a big, diverse selection.

But I think that’s part of what makes them unique.

I went for their Chinese menu, though they also have menus for European, Vegetarian and Gluten Free, as well as a lunch menu and to-go options. I enjoyed my meal — good food, prepared well.

The atmosphere struck a good balance between fine dining and casual; it was a relaxing, pleasant dinner out. Prices are affordable, in the $10-15 a plate range for dinner.

I’d go back here. It’s a great place to take friends or family on a night out in a nice setting without having to pay premium for the experience. And the restaurant has a dizzying array of food choices, with plenty of options for picky eaters or those with special dietary restrictions/needs.

It’s what Salem needs more of, actually. I am constantly looking for good dinner places that are not chain restaurants (Applebee’s, Red Robin and the Lancaster Drive scene are all fine, but when I can find good places I prefer my dollars to support independent, local, quirky, unique, and fresh) and under $15 a plate. The $15-20 range seems to be the norm for a decent independent dinner out in Salem.

There’s plenty of weekday lunch bistro options and a few bakeries when it comes to independent restaurants, but… if you have any suggestions for a good, affordable dinner out in the Salem/Keizer area that meets my preferences, I’d love to hear them! Comment to this post or send me an email (

Marco Polo Global Restaurant is located at 300 Liberty St. SE, Salem. They can be reached at (503) 364-4833.


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