Posted by: santiamtocoast | January 31, 2010

Pioneer Park & Jordan Bridge – Stayton, Oregon


Originally uploaded by druttan

Though it doesn’t have the length of walking trails that Riverfront Park does, Pioneer Park makes a nice outing in a picturesque setting. Topping everything off is the beautiful Stayton-Jordan covered bridge, which has its own special history.

A copy of the Jordan Bridge that spanned Thomas Creek east of Scio, it was moved to the park in 1988. It was destroyed by a fire in 1994, but was subsequently rebuilt. It’s occasionally used for weddings and other social gatherings.

There’s a great picnic area around the bridge, and beyond that a playground and an older residential neighborhood just behind Third Avenue’s downtown.

It makes a pleasant stroll, picnic spot or photo opportunity on a nice day.

Pioneer Park is located off Seventh Avenue and Marion Street. I look for the street alongside Covered Bridge Cafe on Third Avenue, then keep going.

Check out my photo gallery here.


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